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MailHerd Features

MailHerd, the email / postal mail marketing application, enables you to reach all your clients with email, postal mail or both.
List segmentation has never been easier with MailHerd's built-in features: user-defined marketing and interest tags, US zip code verification, US major markets designation, include and/or exclude segmenting feature and other segmenting tools. One year of campaign history and one MB of image storage for every account. Now, you can selectively focus your marketing efforts.
MailHerd Features include:
» Maintain email and postal mail profiles in one database
» Automatic US zip code validation
» Automatic US major markets and state tagging, based on US zip code
» Create marketing tags for list sources, affinity groups, et al, as needed
» Easily upload .xls files of additional or updated profile lists
» Set-up interest tags for list members to self-identify with
» Apply marketing and interest tags to profiles in your database for greater list segmentation
» Use inclusion and/or exclusion segmenting feature for profile selection
» Create and save profile groups using drill down profile selection, based on multiple criteria
» Option to combine previously-created profile groups
» Create and save email campaign and email newsletter templates
» Use an internal preview group to review and approve content prior to queueing out the email
» Multiple email formats and salutation options
» Provides a profile count for the selected email prior to queueing
» Print Avery labels with option to exclude profiles with valid email
» On-line statistical reporting
» Built-in calendar for promotional schedule, advising staff and storing personal reminders
» PDF calendar with public listings can be published on your web site
» 1 year of campaign history
» 1 MB of image storage space
» Pricing based on number of active profiles in your database
MailHerd, Guesthouse Edition, has these additional features:
» Staff reception screen for easy access to guest profile and summarized guest stay information
» Tracks your guests' stay information, including room number, for each stay
» Offers a built-in loyalty / frequent guest program
» Loyalty / frequent guest program automatically tracks guests' points for award certificates
» Profile selection based on guest stay information combined with standard MailHerd search features
Offer special deal incentives and promotions, encourage return business and more!
MailHerd, Travel Edition, has these additional features:
» Distinguish between consumers and travel agents in your database
» Recognizes travel agency consortia
» Offers list segmentation based on consumers and/or travel agents
» Travel agents can view travel industry only pages accessed through your website
» Select profiles based on consumer, travel agent, consortia plus standard MailHerd search features
Target your email marketing to consumers and travel agents, including travel consortia members, now!
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