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A profile is defined as a single name and an email or postal address. If a profile has both an email and a postal address, it still counts a one profile.
Marketing Tags
Marketing tags are created by you, the MailHerd administrator, for your database. Marketing tags are internal and can be used to identify list source, affinity group, products, etc. as needed. List segmentation based on these tags is possible once they have been applied to profiles in the database. Profiles may be multi-tagged.
Interest Tags
Interest tags are created by you, the MailHerd administrator, for your database. Interest tags are external, in that, profiles in your database may self-identify with any or none of the interest tags, which you have made available, to advise you of additional information about themselves. Profiles may be multi-tagged.
Included in MailHerd, the countries list enables the MailHerd administrator to set which countries MailHerd will accept profiles from.
Included in MailHerd, US State codes are added to each profile based on the zip code entered for that profile.
Zip/Postal Codes
Included in MailHerd, US Zip codes are validated by MailHerd. Validation of postal codes from other countries are available, on a custom basis.
Major Markets
Included in MailHerd, this market area scheme divides the 50 states and Puerto Rico into 280 unique geographic market areas. Each ZIP code in the 50 states is assigned to the appropriate market area. A particular market area may consist of ZIP codes in one, two, or more contiguous states.
This market area geographic system has gained general acceptance within the business community as a basic approach to structuring advertising and promotion as well as setting up distribution systems, sales territories, and franchise territories, etc. The market area scheme is superior to a scheme based on MSA/PMSA because a market area generally covers an area considerably larger than the corresponding MSA/PMSA, there are fewer market areas than MSA/PMSAs, and market areas cover the entire country, while MSA/PMSAs omit the rural areas of most states.
This market area definition scheme is superior to market area definitions based on broadcast television viewing patterns. TV coverage areas are significantly distorted, especially in the western states, by cable and satellite usage, leading to non-contiguous geographic areas being combined into a single market area. The market area scheme avoids this problem because the market area definitions are based strictly on geography instead of television viewing patterns.
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