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MailHerd Logo Image How-To Guide

The logo image to be used in your MailHerd email database should not exceed these parameters:
- 15000 bytes in size
- 95 pixels in height
- 640 pixels in width
To check the size and dimensions of the image file you want to use, right click on the selected image on a webpage, choosing Properties. An example of what you will see is below.

The size and dimensions of the example above are: size = 5824 bytes, height = 90 pixels, width = 90 pixels
Free programs like PicasaTM can be used to resize an image file.
If you need assistance with this, please email us a copy of the image or advise us of a link to the webpage which has your logo image on it. We will then resize your first logo image, free of charge, and email you a copy of the resized image and its location on our server. Please send your email to, please enter RESIZE as the subject of your email.
Additional image resizings are available at a charge. Please contact us at the email address listed below for instructions and fees about this.
More questions? Contact us via email
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